Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontitis is an incurable form of gum disease. When gum disease has reached its late stages, the only solution for a patient is to have the symptoms minimalized via periodontal maintenance. Periodontal maintenance includes several different procedures, all of which are used to combat the symptoms of gum disease. Our team at Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD utilizes periodontal maintenance to administer effective and thorough treatment to those suffering from periodontitis.

What Is Periodontitis?

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, that usually arises from neglecting the necessary twice daily brushing. The symptoms of gingivitis are bleeding gums, soreness, teeth sensitivity, and redness of the gums. The dentist will likely prescribe some mouthwash, or antibiotics, and teach the patient how to maintain their oral health properly. If the dentist’s advice is ignored, and oral health is continuously neglected, the gingivitis will escalate into periodontitis. Periodontitis has symptoms more severe than gingivitis, including wobbly teeth, pockets forming between the teeth and gums, gum recession, and bone loss. Periodontitis is a serious condition that involves constant observation and intervention from dentists and medical professionals.

What Happens During Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal Maintenance involves an intense cleaning that prevents the further escalation of periodontitis in the oral cavity. This is achieved through a number of techniques and should take roughly 1 to 2 hours. Our patients will be familiar with routine cleanings, in which the dentist removes any plaque or tartar from the oral cavity. Periodontal maintenance achieves similar results to a routine cleaning, but the cleaning is more extensive and also does a more thorough removal of bacteria, both above and below the gumline.

The dentist will smooth the surfaces of gums to discourage bacterial growth and carefully monitor the pockets growing between the patient’s gums and teeth. These pockets can be an important indicator of the periodontal condition and how effective the periodontal maintenance is. Depending on each individual case, the dentist may advise further procedures to accompany the cleaning. This includes the use of bone grafts, if the patient has lost significant bone mass from the jaw due to periodontitis. They may also advise gum contouring to rid the oral cavity of diseased tissue. The patient may also need tooth restorations, in the form of dental implants or dentures, if teeth have become loose and fallen out due to the lack of bone density.

Maintaining Your Oral Health

Periodontal maintenance is only part of treating periodontitis. Keeping the symptoms of periodontitis under control also requires the constant upkeep of oral health at home. Brushing twice a day for two minutes is the most important aspect of our patients’ oral hygiene routine and is the cornerstone to preventing gum disease. The patient’s biannual appointment with one of our dentists gives the patient a professional cleaning, helps protect the patient’s teeth until the next appointment, gives the patient tips if there is any part of their health they are neglecting, and treats any new symptoms or problems. Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD uses periodontal maintenance to prevent periodontitis from worsening within the oral cavity. Periodontitis is not something you should suffer through alone, and our team is here to help you. To book your consultation appointment, contact our office at (240) 831-6001.

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