Gum Grafting in Frederick & Gaithersburg, MD

Gum Grafting Frederick & Gaithersburg, MDFor a receding gumline, a gum graft is the most effective procedure. Receding gums are typically caused by periodontal disease due to extreme tartar buildup. When a gingival recession happens, the body loses its everyday protection against both bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession is an issue, the reconstruction of the gum using grafting techniques is an alternative. Gum recession reveals the teeth' roots and raises the risk of tooth decay, oral health problems, and gum disease dramatically. Pockets can begin to form between the tooth and gumline without care, which offers the perfect chance for bacteria to get lodged in the pockets.

Consequently, the teeth, bone, and tissue structures may become weakened and ultimately contribute to tooth loss. Meet our periodontists at Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD, they will help you to reduce the chances for bacteria to build up in your gumline.

Types Of Gum Grafting

Several periodontal plastic surgery techniques are intended to enhance aesthetics, such as free gingival graft, Connective-tissue graft, and Pedicle graft. When you have a gum recession, soft tissue grafting is suggested. Multiple conditions, including gum disease, prior orthodontic procedures, or aggressive brushing, can cause gum recession. This tissue grafting is a technique that helps avoid additional gum cavities, decrease sensitivity, and recreate the gumline. Similarly, another surgical procedure includes treatment aimed at establishing a tight, healthy protective shield for the gum tissue, reducing the loss of teeth, and helping to eliminate frenum pull in gingival and pedicle grafting.

Untreated Gum Grafting Risks

An essential part of your smile's well-being and attractiveness is the condition of your gums. The roots of your teeth are covered by your gums and give them protection and stabilization. The gums' recession is a disease in which the tissue surrounding the teeth pulls away, revealing the root of the tooth. This uncovered tooth and tooth root will lead to an increased risk of infection, tooth decay, and bone loss support. Loss of the bone can result in tooth sensitivity, red swelling gums, and the tooth's eventual falling off.

Oral Hygiene And Benefits After Gum Grafting

Our gums are a vital aspect of our mouth and play a significant role in your overall oral health. Regular brushing and flossing are needed to keep our gums and teeth safe. It has a range of other advantages, such as minimizing the risks of periodontal disease, dealing with bad breath, no redness or swelling of the gums, and having minimal trouble with inflammation and body infections.

Treatment with gum graft is a minor surgery and minimizes further recession, tooth loss, irritation to the teeth, and bone loss. To shield the treatment site from decay, it may cover exposed roots in certain instances. This will encourage the patient to feel relaxed eating and chewing.

Learn More About Our Frederick & Gaithersburg, MD Gum Grafting 

Gum graft surgery, a cosmetic service, is a procedure that helps to regenerate damaged gums, protect teeth, and enhance the appearance of a person's looks. Different kinds of gum graft surgery are available. All are reasonably simple procedures with a limited chance of any complications. Suppose you want more specifics and advantages of knowledge and care. In that case, our periodontists will be more than happy to help you out. Visit and meet our doctors at Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD or contact either of our offices for the appointment.

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