Oral Systemic Connection (Mouth Body Connection)

The mouth is a doorway into the body's well-being. The health of the mouth goes hand in hand with the health of the body. Our mouth contains bacteria like other parts of the body, but they are mostly harmless bacteria. These bacteria can still enter the stomach and respiratory tract from the mouth and may cause diseases. With our body's natural immune system and with good oral hygiene like regular brushing, flossing, dental check-ups at regular intervals, these bacteria remain under control. Whereas with bad oral hygiene, these bacteria can grow around teeth and gums, which makes them vulnerable to infections, and these infections may spread to other parts of our body and result in other health problems.

Some conditions, such as diabetes and AIDS, can suppress the body's resistance to infection, making oral health conditions more intense. If you want more information about the mouth and body connection, then you can consult our specialists at Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD.

Diabetes And Periodontal Disease

Diabetes is a chronic condition where there is excessive sugar present in the blood. People with diabetes are more likely to develop infections, including gum infections.

Diabetic patients have reduced immunity against diseases, their blood vessels thicken, making it difficult for blood to carry nutrients to the body and remove waste from the body. Suppose any germs or bacteria remain in the oral cavity. In that case, they grow excessively in the mouth by eating the sugar and spreading around the gums and gumline, causing inflammation, weakening the gums, and making them prone to periodontal diseases.

Pregnancy And Periodontal Disease

Women who are pregnant and already have periodontal diseases put risks and complications to their unborn child. The body releases prostaglandins in response to infections. This hormone in excess can cause premature birth and low-birth-weight babies. Also, bacteria in gums can become loose and migrate to other parts of the body, and in pregnant women, these bacteria may travel to the mammary gland. Therefore, it is essential to treat periodontal disease to avoid complications.

Periodontal Disease And Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the main reasons for death. The link between heart disease and periodontal disease can be understood as that many bacteria in the mouth are present due to periodontal disease, some of which can migrate across the bloodstream to other areas of the body. If these bacteria are associated with blood-carrying arteries, they are attached to the fatty plaque and form blood clots that can cause heart attack and stroke.

Osteoporosis And Periodontal Disease

Osteoporosis is a condition of bone thinning and loss of bone density. Osteoporosis increases the risk of bone fracture as the bones lose strength. Osteoporosis commonly occurs in older people, where new bone formation is reduced with aging. In the presence of periodontal disease, osteoporosis raises the risk of bone loss in the jaw, leading to loss of teeth. Treatment of periodontal disease in the presence of osteoporosis decreases the risk of tooth loss.

Please feel free to contact our professionals as soon as an oral health issue occurs. Caring about your oral health is very important for your overall health. You can meet our specialist at Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD. Book your appointment now by calling us at .

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