Single Tooth Implants

A single tooth implant is a restorative dentistry treatment that’s used to replace a single missing tooth. A dental implant is attached to your jawbone in case of tooth loss in place of the lost tooth’s root. The dentist will then give enough time for your dental implant to integrate with the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration. Following that, a dental crown that looks and feels like your natural teeth is attached over the metal post. The process is the same in the case of multiple tooth implants. When you have a single tooth implant as a restorative treatment for a lost tooth, you preserve the alignment of the remaining teeth in your oral cavity. Moreover, you also reduce the risk of gum disease while preserving the bone, as loss of a tooth can lead to degeneration of the jawbone. Dental implants come in several dimensions with varying lengths and widths. Your implant team will determine your exact jaw dimensions before implant surgery to ensure that you get the right implant for your lost tooth.

Timeline For Single Tooth Implant

The time it takes to complete the single tooth implant procedure depends upon the location of your lost tooth. The completion of treatment takes less time in case of a lost tooth in the lower jaw as the lower jawbone is dense, which allows faster osseointegration. You can expect the single tooth implant in your lower jaw to be completed in less than 10 weeks. However, the procedure can take at least 16 weeks in case of a single tooth implant in the upper jaw.

Advantages Of Single Tooth Implants

There are several reasons why single tooth implants are the best restorative treatment for a lost tooth. Some of the advantages include:

•  Replacement tooth that looks and feels like natural teeth.
•  Your tooth's root is fixed, so your replacement tooth doesn't move around or slide inside your oral cavity.
•  With regular oral hygiene practices, dental implants do not require any extra care and protection.
•  By practicing good oral hygiene, single tooth implants can last a lifetime.

At Dr. Behnaz Yalda, DMD, Dr. Yalda carefully examines your teeth and assesses the cause of tooth loss so you can prevent the same from happening in the future. Moreover, our concerned team of dental implant specialists also develop an ideal restorative treatment plan for you. To get the best, lasting single tooth implants, call us at (240) 831-6001 and schedule your appointment.

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